Drive-In Cinema Events - 5th & 6th September

About this Event

The five film showings and church service are being organised by Dawlish Town Council, Manor House, Old Town, Street Dawlish EX7 9AP.

Contact the Event Organiser: Tel: 01626 863388 - Mobile: 07584052306

The event will be at Warren Farm, Dawlish EX7 0NG

Saturday 5th September

12:00 – Moana – PG (113 minutes) – arrival from 11.15am

3:30pm - Downton Abbey – PG (119 minutes) – arrival from 2.45pm

7:00pm - 1917 – 15 – (119 minutes) – arrival from 6.15pm

Sunday 6th September

12:00 - Toy Story 4 – U (98 minutes) – arrival from 11.15am

3:30pm - All churches event (approx. 1 hour) – arrival from 2.45pm

7:00pm - Bohemian Rhapsody – 12A (134 minutes) – arrival from 6.15pm

Will the event be socially distanced?

All cars will be allocated a 5m by 5metre space. The space will be shown by cones or tape. You may sit outside of your car but must stay within your allocated space.

How do you ensure our safety at the event?

This event has been designed to comply with the Government’s social distancing advice. Risk assessments have been carried out by Dawlish Town Council using the latest guidance available. All cars will be parked to allow for social distancing and other measures have been put in place for it to be a safe event.

• Social distancing will be in place as a safe distance is provided between your car and the cars around you.

• The only time you should leave your designated area is to use the toilet facilities or if an emergency evacuation occurs and marshals have indicated you should do so.

• All attendees must follow guidelines at the event. • If attendees suspect they have Covid-19 they must not attend the event.

• Marshals will monitor all attendees to ensure social distancing is maintained. If anyone ignores this advice, they may be asked to leave the event.

• Event staff will be wearing PPE. • Safely distanced toilets and hand sanitising stations will be available.

• Queues for toilets will be clearly marked.

Do I need a ticket to the event?

Yes, we have a limited number of safe spaces (75 vehicles) and they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis from Eventbrite. On the day please place your ticket in your car windscreen so marshals can see it and scan it on arrival. BUY A TICKET HERE.

Do I need to provide my vehicle registration when buying tickets?

Yes, you will need to enter this on the ticket page. This means we can check your car on entry – if you need to change this between buying a ticket and coming to the film showing or the church service please email:

What happens if the event is cancelled?

Your ticket money and Eventbrite fees will be refunded if the event is cancelled. If you choose to cancel and ask for a refund then your ticket cost will be refunded less the Eventbrite fees.

When should I arrive?

Please see the designated arrival times on your ticket and arrive before the film starts – if you arrive after the film has started you may be refused entry.

Saturday 5th September

12:00 – Moana – PG (113 minutes) – arrival from 11.15am

3:30pm - Downton Abbey – PG (119 minutes) – arrival from 2.45pm

7:00pm - 1917 – 15 – (119 minutes) – arrival from 6.15pm

Sunday 6th September

12:00 - Toy Story 4 – U (98 minutes) – arrival from 11.15am

3:30pm - All churches event (approx. 1 hour) – arrival from 2.45pm

7:00pm - Bohemian Rhapsody – 12A (134 minutes) – arrival from 6.15pm


All relevant licenses have been applied for to show the films as above. In the event of a film license not being available all ticket holders will be contacted with either cancellation or an alternative showing.

Can I bring a large vehicle?

Standard passenger vehicles and large cars or 4x4s are allowed but may be positioned towards the rear of the audience to allow other attendees better viewing. Your viewing will depend on the size and shape of your car and you can sit outside your vehicle but must stay within your area.

A vehicle’s occupants must not exceed its legal number of seats in the vehicle.

The following vehicles are not allowed:

• Motorhomes

• Oversized vehicles (over 2m in height)

• Motorbikes, mopeds, coaches, buses

• RVs, limousines, commercial vehicles such as vans, light goods vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and vehicles with trailers Minibuses may be allowed by special agreement with the organiser please contact before purchasing a ticket.

How will I hear the film or service?

You can expect quality sound from our cinema screen with its sound system. You can also tune in via your FM car radio. If your car does not have a car radio bring a portable radio to tune in.

Can I come on foot?

No. This event is intended as drive-in only.

Are toilet facilities available?

Yes. Toilets including an accessible toilet will be available.

• Toilets are cleaned regularly

• Toilet facilities will be managed to maintain social distancing

• Please follow signs and guidance on walkways to toilets and marshals will guide attendees as required.

We strongly recommend using your facilities at home first before coming to the event.

Can I bring my dog to the event?

Only assistance dogs are allowed and must be kept in the vehicle at all times.

What about my rubbish?

Please take your rubbish home with you as it will help us to everything safe and clean.

Can I bring food and drink?

Yes, There will be one concession selling popcorn, donuts and hot drinks on site or bring your own or we have some great offers you can take advantage of AND supporting local businesses:

1. If you show your ticket in the Ugly Duckling or John's in Dawlish on Saturday 5th or Sunday 6th September they will give you 10% off a meal. Please pre-book by calling the Ugly Duckling on 01626 437343 or John's on 01626 865984.

2. Puzzled Sweet Shop is offering sweet boxes of 500 grams for £5 or 1kg for £8.99 Contents can include sours, jellies, mixed, vegan or gluten free - why not order by calling them on 01626 259239 or order online for click and collect at

Please do not drink and drive.

Can I smoke?

Smoking is not allowed on site.

Am I allowed to sing?

Due to the current cov-id restrictions we are unable to facilitate singing in the open air. If you sit outside your vehicle in your allocated space you are not allowed to sing. This also applies if you are in a convertible vehicle with the top down.

If you are in your car and sing in your private enclosed vehicle space, the windows must be pre-dominantly closed (i.e. only 1 or 2 cms open maximum).

Can children attend?

Guests of all ages are welcome and we have some films aimed at children but for the films there are age classifications so please make sure the film is suitable for them. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who is below the age for film certification.

Do I leave my car running / lights on?

All vehicle engines and lights should be switched off during the film showing or service. Charging help will be on hand in the unlikely event of a flat battery.

What do I do if my battery goes flat?

Please wait until all other vehicles have left the area and a steward will come and assist you.

What if I arrive late?

Late arrivals will be refused entry. Please arrive during the time period before the film shown on your ticket.

What happens if I need help?

Event marshals will be located across the event who will help you if you require assistance. Attract their attention by showing your hazard lights.

What if I need to leave during the film or church service?

Vehicles must remain stationary until the service has ended and marshals have given drivers the signal to start engines and exit. If, however there is an emergency please put your hazard lights on and event staff will help you.