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"We have had nearly £1,000 of bookings for 2018 as a direct result of advertising with you - keep up the great work!" Andrew Bulpin, Leadstone Camping, Dawlish Warren. February 2018

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If your business is between Dawlish and Cockwood then we would be pleased to hear from you.

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  • £80 until 31 December 2024 (normally £50/year)
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  • A "page full of text" - we are flexible! Have a look at the other advertisers for a guide to content.

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Or join our group as a business (£70/yr) and have a say at our meetings (6 or 7 a year) and receive a 10% discount off advertising on the website.  We really have made a difference at Dawlish Warren since we were officially formed in 2007.


Undecided on joining us? Well for the rest of 2023 you can join our organisation for FREE. You'll receive the "Notes" from our meetings by email if you cannot attend them - usually 6 or 7 in the year, so you can see what we are all about.

Membership for 2023 is £70 but NEW MEMBERS get the first year FREE. Residents can join for FREE. Just print off and complete the form on the right and if you want a page advert on here just let us know (£80 until 31/12/2024).

Complete an application form (on right) or contact the Secretary on 01626 772961, or at our Contact Us page if you are interested!