Grand Prix Go Karts

Go Karts at DawlishWarren

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Is your youngster the next Lewis Hamilton? Then why not find out by treating them to a day to remember. Karting for juniors is great fun.

Driving tips!

  • Sit correctly in your kart. Sounds silly but makes a huge difference to how the kart handles. Sit back in the seat and resist the temptation to lean forward towards the wheel or to bounce the kart by jumping up in the seat.  Both of these actions have a negative affect on acceleration.
  • Hold the wheel correctly. The lowest you should hold the steering wheel is where 9 and 3 appear on a clock face. the highest is 10 and 2 on the clock face. Make sure your hands are symmetrically placed on the kart steering wheel and that you always hold the wheel in the same place whilst driving or you can introduce extra instability to the kart.
  • Once you are used to the speed of the kart and are used to your stable way of sitting in the kart and holding the wheel, you need to explore the limits of braking. Brake very hard and be fast with the pedal so that the rears almost lock. Make sure you are beginning to release the brakes before you turn into a corner
  • Experiment with kart racing lines. Kart drivers find that they often turn in too early to corners, so try to keep the kart straight and wide for as long as you dare before you turn in.
  • Go straight as often as you can. Turning reduces the speed of the kart. Turn in later and later until you can't reach the apex, then you know you have gone too far.
  • Carry your exit speed out of the corner to the start of your braking zone. It's not how fast you get into the corner but rather how fast you exit.

Opening Times

  • Open everyday from Easter to 30th September 10am - 6pm
  • In May, June, July, August open until 10pm
  • February and October Half-terms - limited hours!
  • Open In All Weather

Prices - 2022

£5.95 Per Session Single Grand Prix Kart
£7.95 Per Session 2 Seater Family Kart
£8.95 Per Session Bullit Fast Kart

Racing Options

  • 2 Seater Sports Racer
  • Family Karts for smaller children
  • Grand Prix Karts for the racing novice
  • Bullit Karts for that fast and furious race


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Grand Prix Go Karts
Warren Road
Dawlish Warren
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