Steam Trains at Dawlish Warren

Steam train on the sea wall

Steam Train Tours passing Dawlish Warren

The Torbay Express - VERY LIMITED in 2020

AS posted on their website:

We regret to announce that due to the limited number of suitable steam locomotives available to haul trains in 2020 Torbay Express Limited will not be able to run a full programme next summer. However, we will be working with our sister company, Pathfinder Railtours, to produce a small series of summer steam hauled excursions to other destinations. Details of these will be posted on their website as soon as they become available. We are very sorry for any disappointment this causes.

This is one of the most Extraordinary and Scenic Railway Journeys in Europe. BBC Television hired helicopters to home-in on ‘The Torbay Express’ for its award-winning programme ‘Coast’, showing some wonderful aerial sequences of GWR ‘King’ No.6024 King Edward I ducking and diving around the red-sandstone inlets and coves, and bobbing between the tunnels along the sea wall near Teignmouth.

That really wasn’t a surprise, for the steam-hauled ‘Torbay Express’ and the old GWR ‘West of England Main Line’ together make one of the most enchanting railway journeys anywhere in the world, and after eight consecutive summers of operation, the train now enjoys full ‘celebrity’ status.

Passes Dawlish Warren at approximately: mid morning and returns late afternoon. More information on the Torbay Express website. Dawlish Warren is a great place to see Steam trains and take fantastic photographs!

The Royal Duchy

These exciting steam train excursions are from Bristol Temple Meads, Yatton and Taunton to Devon & Cornwall. The Royal Duchy was a train of yesteryear, and the trains follow the same route to Cornwall, one of two royal duchies in England. The spectacular journey includes running beside the sea at Dawlish and a series of steep inclines known as the South Devon Banks.

Dawlish Warren is a great place to see Steam trains and take fantastic photographs!

The Cathedrals Express

A day out on The Cathedrals Express is one to be remembered. The vintage carriages, the sound of the engine’s whistle and the smoke drifting past the window evoke memories of a bygone age of steam train travel. Organised by Steam Dreams.


Steam Train Dates 2020

  • June 6 (Royal Duchy)
  • July 19 (Royal Duchy)
  • August 30 (Royal Duchy)
  • September 14 (down to Penzance - approx 11am) (Steam Dreams)
  • September 17 (up from Penzance - approx 7.30pm (Steam Dreams)

Times are a little random! Usually between 10.45am and 11.45am "down" and 4.45 - 6.45pm "up" - you should check with the train operator if this is important to you. There is a list of tour dates on the following website which has all the dates and links to the resepective operator.

IMPORTANT: You can usually get more information about these train tours at: