A Smarter Way To Enjoy Your Holiday


Holidaymakers who head to Dawlish Warren are often in search of an outdoor adventure; a nostalgic seaside holiday that gives them a break from the ‘always on’ world of modern life. The idea of being ‘unplugged’ when on holiday might sound appealing, but there are actually some clever ways to utilise a smart phone when on holiday. And with two thirds of UK adults now owning one, the reality is that we're unlikely to leave them at home – even for a week or so. So why not make smart phones part of the fun, enhancing enjoyment of the great outdoors while still ‘switching off’ from work and other causes of stress.

Disconnect from ‘Distractions’
Much of the problem with smart phones arise from us being contactable at all times - either by way of work emails or via social media. Ahead of your trip, ensure you disable your email accounts and mute or logout of social media apps to give your mind a break. There are even apps that can help you disconnect from other apps that distract you (well there is an app for everything). Clearlock will temporarily block you from certain apps and once the lock is set, it cannot be undone. Offtime is another great example that puts your phone into a ‘do not disturb’ mode.

Plug in to Holiday
Once you’ve untethered yourself from work, it’s time to start using your smart phone to enjoy your vacation. With limited distractions, you’ll have lots of free time and can use your phone to thoroughly research your trip to the English seaside. Dawlish Warren has two live web cams where you can view a live feed of the weather and what’s going on in the town. You can also sign the online guest book.

There are also apps that will enhance your outdoor experience and help you to ‘connect’ with children and young adults through their own language – that of technology. One example is Geocaching - a global treasure hunt that blurs the lines between the real and virtual worlds. Participants hide and search for physical containers via an app. There are hundreds of Geocaches to search for in Dawlish Warren and the surrounding area.

An Essential Piece of Camping Kit
Aside from checking out the local area, a smart phone is a multi-tasking part of camping kit. Not only is it a torch that can easily be located in the night, a digital radio and a sat nav all rolled into one, it can also enhance your campfire cookery skills. A camping cookbook app will help you rustle up mouthwatering masterpieces on the camp stove. In fact, there are a wealth of apps that will bring an encyclopedia of knowledge to your fingertips, first aid, knot tying and stargazing to name a few. And don’t forget your phone is also a camera! Most smartphones packing high spec cameras into the tiniest of spaces and negating the need to pack a bulky camera. Some essential smart phone camera accessories include a waterproof camera bag that’ll help you take amazing underwater photos and beachside snap shots. A protective case and mount to get videos on the go. There are also check list apps that'll help you make sure you prepare your outdoor gear ahead of your trip.

Smart phones may be thought of as a distracting influence but, when used correctly on holiday, they can really enhance our enjoyment of the outdoors. Just don’t forget to pack your charger.

  • Submitted by: Cassidy Quentin