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Me and my family are coming to Dawlish on 28th March for 1 week, staying at Welcome holiday park and we are bringing our dog Bonnie for the first time, see you soon Dawlish.

Angela - Stockport

Nov 29, 2019

We popped down to see family staying in one of your caravans and they took us around the sites what a great place we have now booked to come next year cant wait

Sally webster - Staines

Jul 29, 2018

Have stayed here at the welcome holiday park last few years. Hav family living here so combine visit with holiday. Met lovly family from scotland. Tom .laura & kids, had great time. The warren is so convenient for beach & rail. Is possible to visit a different beach each day using local bus or train which are regular. Great place

Babs & family - Manchester

Jul 28, 2018

Roll on Aug. Be back camping for 2 weeks to our favourite Devon. Destination see the guys at Marine tavern. Electric ink etc. Such a lovely part of the country. And bringing me mate ade jo his wife and kids Lucy and ruby for what we hope a sunny 2 weeks. Can’t wait

Bazza 180 king - Smallfield surrey

Jun 10, 2018

we visit Dawlish Warren every year for the last few years. Its a great place to holiday. Beach is within walking distance as is all the amenities. plenty to see and do. its a great place for a short break or main holiday for all the family.

George Barker - Durham

Mar 09, 2018

Coming to dawlish arren may 18 for a long weekend with my wife becky im in my 40s been coming to the warren since a kid love it

martin davis - fairford cotswolds

Sep 20, 2017

Looking forward to our 3 visit this year in September.Excellent word being done on the beach .We use the web cam very often to get our fix of the Warren See you in September

Bridget T - Wales

Jul 21, 2017

Will be back again at the end of october for the last holiday of the year .

Adrian - Dover

Jun 25, 2017

Lead stone Been going to leadstone camping in dawlish warren for the last 5years. Excellent be going back in august

Brendan m - Stoke on trent

Mar 23, 2017

Great internet website! It looks really professional! Maintain the helpful job!

Carson - Germany, Schwedt

Mar 08, 2017

Missed our annual holiday to Dawlish last year as was in Corfu instead but coming to dawlish in October and looking forward to it. Our first holiday in Dawlish as Mr and Mrs!

Katy - Redruth

Mar 01, 2017

came here years ago and looking forward to coming this year website easy to follow and imformative

kath - chapel st leonnards

Feb 20, 2017

Many thanks extremely helpful. Will share site with my pals.

Ethan - Iceland, Reykjavik

Feb 03, 2017

Dawlish Warren is such a beautiful part of Devon. This year is our second year and we have booked for next year to come back, the beach is beautiful, we love seeing Billy bones the pirate. Definitely worth a visit to the mount pleasant Inn which is home to the popular Web cam.. but my the views are even better. We would recommend Dawlish Warren

Alex - West Midlands

Sep 24, 2016

Nice and flat for oaps like me, after a visit to the boathouse

Lynda - Surrey

Sep 21, 2016

dawlish warren coming in may 2017 cant wait im 47 and been coming since a child never get bored its great batten down the hatches the warren the davis's are on the way martin and crew

martin/becky/louis - fairford cotswolds

Sep 12, 2016

well...what can i say, another amazing visit to heaven on earth that is dawlish!!! i can't believe how good the weather has been, my husband who is a slaphead got sunburnt quite badly..our poor granchild also caught the sun but nothing an ice cream didnt sort husband and equally tanned son are currently chasing our dog who's escaped from our caravan!!! it wouldnt be the same without our little dog who loves it here more than any of us!!!!!!!

flo t. - west midlands

Sep 02, 2016

Moved here 3 months ago to live. Love it very much A very lovely place.breathtaking views

Jo - Callington

Aug 17, 2016

will be holidaying at Dawlish Warren from 26th August. cant wait to get there. one of my most favourite places. always enjoy our holidays there

George Barker - Sunderland

Aug 03, 2016

started coming to Dawlish warren in 1976 with my chidren still coming with grandchildren. I think that speaks for itself love it

derek lord - dunton-bassett.leicestershire

Jul 25, 2016

can't wait for the october yearly holiday to the welcome family holiday park

adrian - dover

Jul 10, 2016

I lived at Tresco, in Shutterton lane when I was a kid and the whole of the Warren was just magic. However, with the influx of greedy moneymaking builders throwing up sub-standard 'holiday shacks' and scores of foreigners inhabiting them, poor old Dawlish Warren has turned into a holiday slum. Glad I don't live there any more. ***Editors note: A lot has changed for the good - we have an amazing beach (2017) and the resort is looking very good indeed - come and see us if you are over from Australia!

dave - Australia

Jun 22, 2016

Looking forward to coming down on the 16th April to Dawlish Warren to the welcome family holiday park again.

Karen Maloney - Weymouth

Apr 14, 2016

What as happened to the webcam? Me and my family are coming to Dawlish on the 16th April we come here 2 to 3 times a year we are all looking forward to coming. WEBMASTER NOTE: Webcam is awaiting a replacement mounting - the recent storms gave it a hard time! Hopefully be back working properly in due course.

Angela - Stockport

Mar 17, 2016

Starting may this year it's the start of two pilgrimages to dawlish warren this year. Sad to hear its the last year for the Brunel camping carriages.

Matthew - Dunstable

Feb 01, 2016

Have been visiting Dawlish Warren for 30 years with my family (mom & dad, sister and her husband + 3 children and me and my husband), have just returned from another fantastic week (October half term). Mom & Dad started to bring me and my sister to Dawlish Warren from a very early age, my sister and her husband have started to do the same with their children (3yr old, 6yr old & 14yr old). Even now years later it still feels like we are kids again as it rekindles those holidays when we were little and each year we get excited to see how things have changed from year to year, its just a fabulous place for all families to visit no matter how old you and there is always something to do no matter what the weather. Just fantastic and can't wait to return again next year.

Rachel - West Midlands

Nov 03, 2015

thinking of retiring to dawlish , only one problem my son,hes enjoys bodybuilding and im not sure if there are any gyms and tanning salons in the town? could anyone give me any guidence on this subject thanks. WEBMASTER NOTE: There is a tanning salon on the Strand. I am sure there is a gym locally too - try googling for it.

colin - west midlands

Oct 22, 2015

back for another fantastic visit, im not sure who enjoys it more, myself, florence or our dog, just wish my son, slash and grandchild were here to share the fun!!!!

colin - kinver

Sep 29, 2015

Absolutely love this place,been coming for many years, now grandkids join us. Welcome holiday park is the best, very safe for all the family, young and old.

Jane cipriano - Leicester

Sep 06, 2015

Love dawlish Warren, always stay at welcome, bought my kids here, now my grandkids, they are hooked on it too.

Jane cipriano - Leicester

Sep 05, 2015

The go karts were brilliant

Maxriley - Birmingham

Aug 26, 2015

I'll start with the positive. Beautiful resort with friendly people, great food and a lovely place to be - we always feel so comfortable and relaxed here. Also, we love the fact that it is so 'child friendly' and ideal for the little ones. However, there is one major issue that is possibly going to influence our choice next year - dog mess! Every day we walked down Warren Road toward the beach, and every day it was a nightmare - steering our children around the disgusting mess left by dogs and their irresponsible owners. Seriously, this might even stop us from visiting again, as much as we love this place. I'm not exaggerating - it was everywhere on the footpaths! We found this most disgusting! This issue needs to be addressed - a dog friendly resort needs also to be a dog responsible resort! ***WEBMASTER COMMENT 9 September 2015 *** Thanks for your feedback. I will pass it on to the local authority for their attention. You summed it up perfectly though - Irresponsible dog owners.... Hope you decide to return to see us some time.

Kevin Billingsley - Solihull, West Midlands

Aug 24, 2015

Came here a couple of years ago and we have missed it. Such a great place near a railway station as we don't drive. Luckily we will be there tomorrow for a week, yay! Bringing the gramps too. Gotta climb red rock and watch the steam trains pass through plus waving at the drivers. Just wish there were more places to eat other than that perfect!

Lisa Joy - Woodford Green Essex

Jul 24, 2015

What is happening to the warren guys ???boathouse and the mount pleasant meals so so expensive used to eat out regular but getting so dear in both venues. Do they price up just this time of year and portions get smaller. WEBMASTER COMMENT: Thanks for your comments. Most businesses review their prices annualy and if necessary adjust (up or down) to reflect the anticipated trading conditions for the next 12 months. As far as I know there are no seasonal adjustments and getting a table at peak times in either can be difficult due to demand. Other "eatery" options include The Welcome Inn, Silly Goose, Lee's Bar in the Warren. The Anchor Innand The Ship Inn just along from the Warren at Cockwood Harbour are well worth a visit too.

pete hancy - horley surrey

Jul 12, 2015

dawlish has always been a speacial place in me and my husband's heart. the train tracks across the bay on a balmy summer day. after a good walk across the beach, my husband, always says he loves to take a cold bottle to his lips and drink water with grace and remeberance of our past.

grace cready - edingburgh

Jun 28, 2015

first time I visited Dawlish warren was way back in 1973 then again in 1998 then again on june 20th 2015.changed so much over the years but even better everytime I visit..

garry - henfield west sussex

Jun 23, 2015

came down again this year and it is even better

graham - swindon

Jun 15, 2015

Disappointed in the lack og logic in the play area/amusements. My 2 1/2 year old could go on the unsupervised bumper boats in 3 feet of water, and Go Karts were at our discretion as the responsibility/liability is ours not theirs, but was 'too small' to go on the big wavy slides even though i was going with him. He goes down them by himself at Crealy, and was halfway up before i had to go and take him off. COMMENT FROM WEBMASTER: I am sorry your day did not go as you expected. The redeveloped "Funder Park" is looking really amazing and the Mini Golf now has 18 holes to enjoy.

Kirsty - Exeter

Jun 11, 2015

1974-2015 love it no need to say more.

derek alfred lord - dunton bassett.leicestershire

May 20, 2015

Can't wait till the 30th of June, going on holiday with my beautiful girlfriend to here for 4 nights

Joshua Barton - Paignton

May 17, 2015

what a wonderful place, i wasnt aware you could take animals on the train, our dog loved it!! we are nursing our son who has got sunburn but have treated him to a large ice cream with a flake from gay's creamery!!!

mrs t. - kinver

May 15, 2015

its great , you can take your dog on the train!

mr s trickett - west midlands

May 15, 2015

can't wait to be back again in october for our yearly stay

Adrian - Dover

May 10, 2015

Me and my family have just been to Dawlish and stayed at welcome family, been there several times and we cannot wait to return in June what a great place.

Angela - Stockport

Apr 22, 2015

I love Dawlish. We have been many times with the extended family and we will be back again this July

l james - Worcestershire

Apr 15, 2015

just spent another week down at dawlish warren weather beautiful shame the fair not open yet took my daughter and her partner and my three grandchildren they all enjoyed themselves

anne edge - runcorn

Apr 13, 2015

Love this place :) it is where I spent my whole first summer with my fiancee and also where I popped the question at sundown ?? 5* place and always great what ever the weather ??

Toby Rowland - Cullompton

Apr 11, 2015

Can't wait till 24th April a long weekend with the family and dog, it's our 2nd home I think, 1

Alison Stanton - Bromsgrove

Mar 22, 2015

For the last few years me and my partner have been bringing the dogs up and having a week at Dawlish Warren. Just booked our holiday for this year and can't wait!!

Katy - Redruth

Mar 05, 2015

Had a wonderful time last year. So, our obvious choice was to return this year! Can't wait to see the new beach shops and redeveloped funfair - see you in August!

Kevin Billingsley - Solihull, West Midlands

Feb 25, 2015

Looking forward to my usual trip to dawlish I hear a bit of development going on at the warren be interested to see what is going on. See you soon Dave and George at electric ink for my holiday tattoo and the firework display all being well roll on august!!!!

bazza - crawley

Feb 23, 2015

will the fair be open by easter when i will be bringing my three grandchildren with me this time

anne edge - runcorn cheshire

Feb 10, 2015

Looking forward to our annual holiday at dawlish to see Dave and George at electric ink. And the staff at marine tavern. Who always make us welcome ( even if the landlord supports spurs) never mind we have the banter love the place and will be staying at lady's mile again a lovely friendly site which makes you feel welcome. Every year. See you all in Aug looking forward to it already bazza 180 king

bazza 180 king - smallfield surrey

Jan 28, 2015

Can anyone please tell me what is being built on the warren? FROM WEBMASTER: Sea defences near Visitor Centre and a new shop near the front and the funfair is being redeveloped. Keep an eye on our FACEBOOK page for more news...

Angela - Stockport

Jan 11, 2015

What is happening on the dodgems site. I can see a digger working. FROM WEBMASTER:It is being redeveloped for 2015. Please keep an eye on the FACEBOOK page for up to date info...

Michael Prescott - Oxford

Jan 09, 2015

When is the webcam expected to be working again? FROM Webmaster: Sorry for the glitch - it does get stuck from time to time.

Michael Prescott - Oxford

Dec 23, 2014

I love visiting Dawlish, and even wrote a blog post about it:

Wendy - London

Dec 22, 2014

looking forward to my holiday at welcome but i hope my dad doesn't thrash me at crazy golf as usual

Thomas - KENT

Sep 07, 2014

can't wait to come back to welcome family park and go to the jrc

Dani - kent

Sep 07, 2014

can anyone tell me how to get on to the live web cam on the warren it wont let me sign in with just webcam as user name. Hi, I have just checked it and it is working with "webcam" as the user name - leave password empty.

Angela - Stockport

Sep 05, 2014

We love the Dawlish Warren, it will be our 4th year later in September,looking very much to another visit

Chrissy & Mick Mcrory - Derbyshire

Aug 27, 2014

was down at welcome holiday park for a week had o lovely time will be back same time next year

michelle trinder - swindon

Aug 17, 2014

We came for the first time at the end of july and loved every thing about the area! Had a wonderful meal at the boathouse and spent lots on the 2p machines in the arcade. Love the outside beachbar too. We stayed at dawlish sands which was great and we're coming back next year!!! Cant wait

rachel - cheadle cheshire

Aug 16, 2014

Looking forward to a weeks stay at Lady's Mile from 4th August. Hope it's a good place to visit , with plenty to do !!

Stuart - Grantham Lincolnshire

Jul 31, 2014

Me and my family love Dawlish and we visit every year. Lovely place. Always look forward to coming here.

Tamara - Middlesex

Jul 19, 2014

I love the warren and Dawlish. Been on holiday here for several years now. Can't wait till aug9th when be back for 2 weeks to see all at boathouse and all at. Marine tavern. And to get my 1st tattoo from Dave and George at electric ink. Go easy on me boys!!!!

Pete hancy - Horley surrey

Jul 13, 2014

looking forward to our holiday in a few weeks .Cant wait .

Bridget thomas - merthyr tydfil south wales

Jun 14, 2014

staying at welcome family. June 28th for 2 weeks coming with my family. Been coming here since my boys were babies, they are 21 and 23 years old now. Hope the sea wall is ready for us to do the walk to the town.

Angela - Stockport

May 14, 2014

will be staying at oak cliff on the 17th of may try to come down at least once a year, Oh by the does anyone one now when the see wall will be open thanks. NOTE FROM WEBSITE EDITOR/ NETWORK RAIL: Dawlish Warren to Dawlish - Seawall News - 28 April 2014. The section from Boat Cove to Coast Guard footbridge is open- repairs will be ongoing for the next four weeks along sections of the walkway near Dawlish Station, access along the walkway will be maintained during this period. The section from Dawlish Warren to Rockstone footbridge is currently scheduled to open for mid June. The section between Coast Guard and Black Bridge (including Sea Lawn and Riviera Terrace) is currently scheduled to open by the end of September due to the extensive container removal and works to rebuild the outer face of the wall, which are limited by the tide and train movements.

michael - midlands

May 07, 2014

Will be back down on 30th august staying at welcome family been coming to the warren for 13 years now love the place.

steve tiley - stanford le hope essex

Apr 30, 2014

Will be back in 2 weeks for the third year staying at Welcome family holiday park love Dawlish warren wish i could live down that way.xx

Karen Maloney - Weymouth

Apr 11, 2014

Been coming here for years with my parents, now I'm bringing my own family here In weeks time, staying at Welcome. Such a lot to do & nice places to eat out. Hoping the sun stays shining for our visit. Cannot wait for our visit! Stayed in almost every campsite & caravan park Dawlish Warren has to offer. Welcome being the best so far. So excited. Highly Recommend staying here.

Clare - Somerset

Apr 11, 2014

We come to Dawlish Warren every year, and we have always loved coming. There is so much to do for the family, just not enough time to do it all

Aaliyah Dyson - Manchester

Apr 06, 2014

Off to the Warren on Monday .Back for the fourth time Love the place only wish i could go there more often .Stayed at dawlish sands .lovely small holiday park ,See you Monday

Bridget thomas - merthyr tydfil south wales

Mar 27, 2014

hi,went to dawlish warren last may and stayed at the brilliant welcome family park,will be going again at the end of april again and cant wait!

shirley - leyland

Mar 23, 2014

first came to dawlish warren in 1970 and always remembered it as a fantastic holiday and now have been coming for the past three years and have bought grandson two years ago and when i asked him if he wanted to go again this year he was excited as it was a good holiday plenty for him to do without going far afield

anne edge - runcorn

Mar 12, 2014

comming back this year in 5 weeks for the third time and looking forward to it bringing the grandson back for his second visit when asked if he wanted to come he was excited as he enjoyed first time with plenty to do for him

anne edge - runcorn

Mar 02, 2014

Love dawlish and the warren. See you all in August for a pint of jail ale in marine tavern and another tattoo from Dave at electric ink and to see the fantastic firework display at the warren (hopefully)

big bazza - crawley west susex

Feb 12, 2014

A big hug to all the people of the Dawlish warren & Dawlish with the horrendous weather and sea wall problems and hopefully we will still see the warren this year for the anual pilgrimge as we have changed our hoilday plans

Matthew & Family - Dunstable

Feb 06, 2014

Love Dawlish Warren, will be there in three weeks and staying for a week with my boyfriend and the dogs. can't wait for a nice relaxing week of dog walks along the coast.

Katy - Redruth

Jan 20, 2014



Jan 04, 2014

Coming back to the Warren in November, just can't get enough of the place :-)

Andy, Carol & Poppy - Kent

Oct 31, 2013

3rd year over only dropping in next year as we are off to cornwall thank you dawlish warren for 3 years of magical memeories

Matthew - Dunstable

Oct 21, 2013

Love it here so much , I'm moving to Dawlish at the end of October 2013. My dream came true. Can't wait to get there!!!!

Sarah Wortley - Blackwell Derbyshire

Oct 20, 2013

Love dawlish warren! I'm looking for any classic memorabilia of golden sands holiday park, if anyone has any classic brochures or pictures please email me thanks

Aaron - Ipswich

Oct 14, 2013

Here we are again coming to the end of another week camping on Ladysmile (after 2 weeks in June/July!) Cant get enough of the place- love it here! Roll on June 2014! :-)

Chris & Steve Taylor (& Charlie Dog!) - Walsall

Sep 12, 2013

been going to Dawlish warren for 5 years now, love it love it love it, stayed at hazelwood park, beautiful site and accommodation very comfortable and reasonably priced, cant wait for next year thanks

julie incles - northants

Sep 10, 2013

will be at dawlish warren 14th of September 2013 and will be staying at welcome family holiday park cant wait :):)

david lawrence - walsall

Sep 01, 2013

Will be here for a week from tomorrow n i cant wait =D

Jane Hamill - Coventry

Aug 25, 2013

Returned home today after a fab family holiday in dawlish warren. Have to say that the fireworks were the best i have ever seen and ive seen many! My kids were very impressed with the apache helicopter too.....very good but got covered in dust. Were hoping to return next year with other family and their kids.

jodie merryweather - birmingham

Aug 24, 2013

Just got back from the welcome park, had a great time, my children would like to move to dawlish , next year,

Lynn Stanton - Bromsgrove

Aug 20, 2013

this is the best place in country for me peaceful, its just total fun gem of a place <3

james - stockport

Aug 14, 2013

Me the Mrs and the dog heading back to the Warren this year, didn't think we would be able to, got a booking at Hazlewood last minute. Hope the camps OK. I get to see the fireworks this time :)

Andy - Kent

Jul 28, 2013

3 months to go and its goodbye Dunstable hello Dawlish Warren for 2 weeks borrowing a phrase lovley jubbley

Matthew, Emma, Rose imon - Dunstable

Jul 25, 2013

Just visited Dawlish Warren after 40 years. What a difference and I must say for the better. Keep the good work up for your Holiday makers.

Christina - Naples Italy

Jul 09, 2013

i have been comming to the warren for the last 25 years and i hope to be there next year its a fantastic place

graham trinder - swindon

Jul 05, 2013

I shall be back visting the warren in 2 weeks, don't stay there now as no little children, but always visit! love it its been well over 50 years I have been visiting and never fed up with it! great place for families!1

beverley chettle - leics

Jun 28, 2013

Coming to warren in 3 weeks can't wait, been coming for 25 years first with my parents now I bring my 7 children mum dad brother and their kids. It's my favourite place in the whole world now my kids too. I will live here one day. Love Dawlish Warren. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah Wortley - Blackwell, Derbyshire

Jun 22, 2013

Coming to Dawlish again on 10th June staying at Dawlish Sands been many times before great place to have a break and a few beers looking forward to it

Andy Marriott - Sandiacre

Jun 06, 2013

Just booked for aug , can't wait , didn't come last year , we have been going to the welcome park for 6 years or may be more.

Lynn Stanton - BROMSGROVE

May 30, 2013

cant wait til we come back to Dawlish Warren & welcome famoly holiday park it is a lovely place and wish we could live down there but we would still have our holiday at welcome

Dave & Marg - Stroud, Gloucestershire

May 21, 2013

I'll be taking my family to Dawlish Sands Holiday park this year, in July for the very first time. I've heard great things about the place and the people and can't wait to go. I'll report back on my return.

Clare Alderman - Cardiff

May 21, 2013

First time in Dawlish fantastic views and walks will return later in year

Colin & Sue - Aldershot

May 18, 2013

Will be going to Dawlish Warren for the first time in July and can't wait to get there.

Dave - Bracknell

May 12, 2013

Just spent a a lovely week at Dawlish warren at the welcome family holiday park a great time had by all couldn't have picked a better week for weather.(week 27th April)will be back.

Karen Maloney - Weymouth

May 10, 2013

last year we brought a new friend down to dawlish warren this year we are bringing him back and our new baby the welcome and the beach resort here we come in october

Matthew, Rose, Emma ,Wrigby the dog - Dunstable

May 06, 2013

ive been coming to dawlish warren since a kid im now 43 yearsold a great place tobe we cant wait to come again in july 2013 m4 m5 take us to the warren cant wait xxx

martin and becky and louis - fairford the cotswolds

Apr 26, 2013

This is like my 3rd review but Dawlish warren is just the best place ever!! I got twice a year but going to try make it 3 times instead. The beach is clean, fresh and a beautiful view. Plenty of snack bars net to the beach so you can't go hungry! Arcades are so much fun and the shop are nice, I spend plenty in them :). If I had the money I would live in Dawlish its such a great astrosphere you all love it!! Going in 3 weeks bring it on!! Love it there xxx

Charlotte - Oxfordshire

Apr 25, 2013

Just booked Dawlish Sands for end of august =D. Had our 1st visit last summer with my girls (11&13) and my dad (67) we had a fab holiday and cannot wait to return. Dawlish Sands was perfect for us- a small park with great, well organised kids club and entertainment and all staff were polite and helpful.

Jane Hamill - Coventry, West Midlands.

Apr 20, 2013

Can't wait to come back in September, what a fab place, very clean and very friendly. Kids really excited already :-) xx

Emma Pace - Walsall

Apr 16, 2013



Apr 14, 2013

This will be my 29th year coming to dawlish warren and 34 years for my parents. We visit,Not once a year but a few times. The best holidays and have the most amazing memories, clean, friendly and fun. I now bring my little boy who is 4 and he loves it too xxx

Chris, Jeff, Jenny and Cath mayo - Caldicot (south wales)

Apr 11, 2013

I love dawlish warren been staying a hazelwood holiday park me and my family loved it x

samantha levitt - swadlincote

Mar 31, 2013

I've been going since I was a little girl and I am now taking my 5 year old! Can't get enough of it

Gemma - Nottingham

Mar 27, 2013

coming again to dawlish warren again this year cant wait

owen - walsall

Mar 23, 2013

Ive been going to Dawlish and the warren for 28 year's, From my first holiday as a baby to now as a adult . Best place to be!!

Ben - Cardiff

Mar 21, 2013

Looking forward to visiting Dawlish Warren at the end of next month staying at the fantastic Welcome Family Holiday Park again. :-) xx

Karen Maloney - Weymouth

Mar 20, 2013

going back to dawlish warren on the 14th of September 2013 and staying at welcome park this will be our 3rd of coming to dawlish warren.cant fault place in anyway way its is great

graham Lawrence+David Lawrence - walsall

Mar 14, 2013

ive been coming here for over 7 years and this you im bringing my boyfriend along with me i love it here the people are so friendly the food it great and the atmosphere is amazing

kirsty - wolverhampton

Jan 13, 2013

ihave been there with school amdifoundit amazing that a spit could be soooo fun and i learnt alot too!!

elyse - clevedon

Nov 30, 2012

Just got back from Dawlish Warren, had a really lovely week. Cannot wait to come again! X

Linda - West Midlands

Nov 03, 2012

Me and Rosie love to come here. Its Bang Tidy!

Keith Lemon - Leeds

Oct 07, 2012

been coming here for over 30 years . Have now bought a caravan at pepeermint park . I so love Dawlish Warren

mark - weston super mare

Sep 12, 2012

see u saturday

daivid - walsall

Sep 11, 2012

Looking forward to visiting beautiful Dawlish Warren on saturday, staying at the fantastic Welcome Family Holiday Park :-) xx

EmmaPace - Walsall

Sep 09, 2012

We've been going to Dawlish Warren for over 25 years, camping at Ladysmile - its our second home! Cant wait for 15th Sept- going again :)

chris & steve taylor - walsall

Sep 07, 2012

love dawlish warren

anthony - chard somerset

Sep 07, 2012

Went to dawlish warren frm 25august til 1st sept 2012 stayed at welcome familys,absolute enjoy it there might go bk in a couple of years beach is beautiful everything you exspect for a holiday x

wendy - beds &bucks

Sep 07, 2012

We love going to Dawlish Warren... Going in October. Lots of yummy ice-cream and fish and chips!!

Konnie - West Midlands

Aug 29, 2012

Have been going to Dawlish Warren for 26 years now and have just returend from our yearly stay at the Welcome Family park which is great and prior to that we used to stay at Warren Holiday Centres. Dawlish Warren is a fabulous place and there is always plenty to do. Can't wait to return.

Rachel Hall - Walsall

Aug 29, 2012

will be staying at welcome family holiday park 2 weeks Saturday cant wait :):):)

david lawrence - walsall

Aug 29, 2012

I love Dawlish Warren, used to go there for holidays when I was a little girl (and I am now 55). We used to stay at Golden Sands Holiday Camp in the 1960's. To be honest I did not realise it was still there, so we are staying at the Hazelwood Holiday Park this year, my daughter and her partner and their son are coming with us for the first few days, I am so happy to be staying there again.

Teresa Derham - Coventry

Aug 14, 2012

I love Dawlish Warren! going down on the 22nd august for 2 weeks and there for my birthday! should be good :) hoping for good weather! bring it on!

Jessica Moloney - Birmingham

Aug 07, 2012

I went to dawlish warren in may for a week and im coming back in 4 weeks!! I really can't wait, it such an amazing place to go. Iv been going for 19 years now. Welcome family park is where me and family + friends go twice a year, beach is lovely, so many attractions, nice poliet staff. Best place to go to spend summer :)

Charlotte - Oxfordshire

Aug 01, 2012

weve been coming to dawlish warren since 1983 with our two kiddies. we stayed at the dawlish warren holiday park which was next to welcome, kids used to climb the fence to their play area, then the two parks amalgamated and we love it, kids now grown and we are bringing our grandkids down, they are also hooked . we pine each time we leave, we always feel like weve come home.

jane - leicester

Aug 01, 2012

staying at hazelwood yet again but with friends this time, It doesn't matter were you stay in dawlish you will still have fun, I stay at hazelwood because it works out £200 for 2 weeks in september, been here about 6 times now, plenty to do, nice beach, car boots. dawlish town centre is brill with a lot of wild life. going in 4 weeks, counting the days.

stanley hanlon - liverpool

Jul 31, 2012

Just returned from Dawlish Warren. First time there & first time at Welcome Family Holiday Park, it will not be the last either. Brilliant place to spend a summer break

Andy - Kent

Jul 28, 2012

Looking forward to this year,s trip to dawlish, bringing friends for a fun filled camping holiday! Our family favourite holiday place , fantastic home from home , always happy days ;0)

Jason day - Dudley

Jul 25, 2012

Enjoyed another great year at Eastdon Cottages with Cofton in Dawlish Warren. Pity the great British summer didn't raise it's dry head!

Christopher Young - Saffron Walden, Essex

Jul 18, 2012

had fun on beach and in arcade but sadly prices have gone up in boathouse other than that had a fab time will be back

lisa - radstock

Jul 09, 2012

going to enjoy another year at leadstone camping in dawlish.the best campsite around.we enjoy going every year.just 2 more weeks then we will be there

alan roberts - guildford surrey

Jul 08, 2012

Really looking forward to our first visit it looks fab. I'm sure the grandsons will have a great time

Barbie - Northamptonshire

Jul 08, 2012

cant wait to visit here again on September the 15th for a week really enjoy going to dawlish warren best place in devon :):):)

David Lawrence - Walsall

Jul 01, 2012

I've been going to Welcome Family Holiday Park for 5 years running, even when i've been revising for exams! I sincerly recommend Welcome to any age, personality or character

Hannah Bolam - Thanet, Kent

Jun 19, 2012

Got back from Dawlish warren on Saturday, weather was rough. But still had a great time. Roll on September.

steve - south london

Jun 18, 2012

Been going to Leadstone Camping in Dawlish Warren for a few years now, Brilliant site and always made to feel so welcome, wouldn't stay anywhere else.

Joyce Guy - Spennymoor, Co. Durham

Jun 17, 2012

Been to Dawlish Warren 3 Times now, all in October. I have loved it every time, and cannot what to come back.

Cameron - Manchester

Jun 07, 2012

Can't wait to visit again this year, really love everything about Dawlish Warren, see you soon :-) x

Emma Pace - Walsall

Jun 02, 2012

Been to Welcome Holiday park for 2 years now, been to few more parks around Dawlish but nothing compares! Fabulous Area, Pleasant people....... Awesome Holiday destination.

Johnny - Wolverhampton

May 27, 2012

Love Dawlish Warren but does the fairground have safety checks. My granddaughter got hurt on the slide and there was no concern about this. The staff at the amusement arcade were just fabulous in treating her. Can not thank them enough.

Julie Hyde - Bridgwater

May 27, 2012

Been coming to Dawlish Warren since I was a young lad... and still going strong. Now my daughter is hooked on the place. Can't wait to get down there again. Always guaranteed a nice time.

Jim Hudd - Chippenham

May 25, 2012

my partner and i love dawlish,its just how i remember how sea side town used to be like when i was a boy, (now 65)no noise,just walking about looking in and out the shops,walking along the sea front,havibg a cup of tea in many of the tea shops that are there,it only taked 3/4 of a hour to get there,so we go a lot,when the sun is out,lol

Dave - Taunton

May 20, 2012

The Welcome Family is our Destination this year And so is the beach and we have Never know a cleaner beach our dog loves it and we love dawlish warren

Rose, Matthew & wriggley the dog - Dunstable

May 18, 2012

Sooooooo looking forward to coming back down there, soo cant wait were down for two weeks this year. Really looking forward to the sun boathouse and the passing trains. Staying in our usual place the Welcome Family Holiday Park. Its such a wonderful place we come back every year and Sooo cant wait Bring it on

Matt Cole - Poole Dorset

May 18, 2012

6 wks and counting so looking forward to sun sand and the boathouse !! staying at golden sands looking to buy a caravan this time :}

lisa - radstock

May 15, 2012

We all love Dawlish Warren, down again in september and really can't wait. The beach is clean the pubs are great. We will be staying at Welcome Family Holiday Park which is fab. Have been coming down since i was a baby, now i bring my children down and they love it as much as i did, roll on september :-) xx

Emma Lawrence - Walsall, UK

May 14, 2012

going to dawlish warren again this year carn,t wait

owen lawrence - Walsall, UK

May 13, 2012

We love dawlish warren. I still get excited on our drive down. It feels as though we are going home. We are coming down at the end if june. Can't wait.

lynda and ralph bone - crewe cheshire

May 13, 2012

my wife and i have been comming to dawlish warren for years the last five we have put our tourer on leadstone site for the season as far as we are cocerned you cant beat it even wiyh a big stick

david webber - somerset

May 06, 2012

Dawlish warren offers fun and entertainment for all age ranges, i been going sinc i was a kid and have never been disappointed.. The entertainment team are talented aswell as funny..The beach is chilled and relaxed and you also have the arcades which offers game machine from young to old, Dawlish warren is worth every penny and is worth giving a trip to and you will soon be addicted to coming back every year

cathy - oxfordshire

May 03, 2012

Me and my family have been going to ddawlish warren senst i was a baby and i always loved it. The enderment crew are great, its a lovely place to visit. Plenty of attrations and the beach is just beautiful. One day i would love to come live in Dawlish

Charlotte - oxfordshire

May 03, 2012

Been comeing to Welcome Holiday Park since 1996. Brilliant. Will be back in July. Cant wait!

Pat Green - Andover Hampshire

May 03, 2012

will be staying at welcome again with all the family in june hold onto your hats dawlish the brummies are on their way

christine leedham - birmingham

May 01, 2012

Looking forward to going to welcome on June the 9th with my wife 3 kids and mom and Chris. Carnt wait

Michael leedham - Birmingham

May 01, 2012

13 days to go till I come back to The Warren. Come on weather buck up! Will enjoy anyway but some sun would be nice:)

Trish - Stoke on Trent

Apr 29, 2012

Bristolians love it here thats why we now have a caravan in our second home.


Apr 28, 2012

We love coming to Dawlish Warren,back this year twice for holidays first one next week, hope the weather improves but so much to do it doesn't matter

Tina Challis - Gillingham,Kent

Apr 25, 2012

nice to see dawlish warren will be back for my second visit in october

matthew farnham - Dunstable

Apr 22, 2012

Looking forward to staying at welcome holiday park at the warren arriving Saturday 21st April. Love it every time we come and we have special memories f the place

Tracey Thomas - Birmingham

Apr 19, 2012

can t wait to visit dawlish warren again in may and will be staying at the excellent welcome family park again,love it!!

shirley - leyland

Apr 19, 2012

Going 2 miss dawlish warren this, we r going 2 turkey this year. But will b back next year.

alison stanton - bromsgrove

Apr 16, 2012

roll on 9th june. who needs to go abroad.

steve - london

Apr 15, 2012

Been coming to Dawlish warren since I was a child, we now come here every year with our children. Can't wait to get here in August and are hoping to move here soon. LOVE IT

Sarah - Derbyshire

Apr 14, 2012

Been coming here since I was a small child. Looking forward to returning with my family again on 2nd June at the amazing Ladys Mile. Caravan booked, just need the time to move quicker.

Adam - Stoke on Trent

Apr 04, 2012

looking forward to arriving on saturday for our 2nd holiday down there massive party of 12 are going again, fantastic place to be :)

sally - birmingham

Apr 02, 2012

coming back again in august staying at the wonderful dawlish sands, looking forward to a great holiday

kate - blackpool

Apr 01, 2012

Stayed last weekend, sea fog friday, but still the sun came out . Lovely clean beach and walk ways. Been coming for over 10yrs and still enjoy.

Judy Goodfield - Gloucester

Mar 31, 2012

Have been coming to Dawlish Warren since i was a small child, have a holiday booked 2nd week of May at the Welcome park. Not been on this site before but having read the reviews we are hoping for a great stay. Really looking forward to returning to the beautiful Warren. Fingers crossed for the weather. :)

Polly Traynor - Coventry

Mar 30, 2012

Will be down to stay at Welcome family holiday park end of April great camp this is are third year coming here.Just love Dawlish Warren.

Karen maloney - Weymouth

Mar 26, 2012

try to come down every year love the place be down friday for the weekend staying at oak cliffs.

michael - b'hills west midlands

Mar 19, 2012

Hi, can't get enough of Dawlish Warren, especially the pub & grub.

David Bingham - Rugby, Warwickshire

Mar 18, 2012

ive been coming to dawlish warrem for 18yrs with my family and its a great place to visit

beryl parker - walsall

Feb 07, 2012

We first arrived in Aug 2010 and I instantly fell in love. Beautiful area and great base to travel across Devon with ease

Tam&Dave&Family - Kidderminster, West midlands

Jan 02, 2012

we book for the season every year brillant site leadstone love the warren

dave&ange - somerset

Nov 07, 2011

Coming to "The Warren" since methusela was a boy and the only shop was a post ofice. beautful place, gorgeous views and a great base for traveling all over Devon. love it, love it, love it.

sandra parr - dundee scotland

Oct 31, 2011

fantastic place ,been visiting 20 years now and theirs always somthing to do ,roll on next october ,welcome holidays is the place to be !!!

Turrell's - bury/manchester

Oct 31, 2011

the best place ever. great walks, great views and plenty of places to go and see.

steve collins - london

Oct 25, 2011

Dawlish Warren is great, been coming here since 1983, when children were young, returned again this year, with children, now adults, of course, would love to have been here in Stean Train days,

graham prescott - wigan Lancashire

Oct 14, 2011

counting the days down to autumn term so we can down there for a week. cant wait....:)(:

christine huhges - west midlands

Oct 06, 2011

great place i went there went was in guides in somerset return next may

wendy - oxfordshire

Oct 03, 2011

This is the best place in the world. I love everything about it

Paul - Sandbach

Oct 02, 2011

great place great people good for all ages im 17 and i came with my family in august its brill ....grat food great beach and brill weather coming back next year i can wait weve book already

kirsty - wolverhampton

Sep 10, 2011

9 days until me and my family are in beautiful Dawlish Warren, can't wait :)

Emma Lawrence - walsall west midlands

Sep 08, 2011

9 days to go then i will be down dawlish warren

David Lawrence - walsall west midlands

Sep 08, 2011

cant wait 2 weeks to go

alison - leeds

Sep 06, 2011

welcome holiday park is a great place to stay for all the family its just a short walk to the train station and the beach its a shame all the huts by the sea front burnt down a few years ago tho cos it was alway part of the fun of the walk but still great place to go for a nice chill out lovely walk along the sea front into dawlish itself watching the trains pass you by aswell.

stephanie brookes - west yorkshire

Sep 06, 2011

had agreat time at the welcome park. cant wait till this time next year.

alison stanton - Bromsgrove

Aug 28, 2011

Just come back from my week holiday from dawlish warren really great place to enjoy and relax its just soooo beautiful im coming back again next year UP THE DAWLISH WARREN

Matt Cole - Poole Dorset

Aug 27, 2011

Coming down to Ladys Mile again in September, love Dawlish and the Warren. Been going to Ladys Mile since 1983 - holidays spent in the Warren in the 1950's when I was a little girl!!

Sheila McGowan - Leicester

Aug 23, 2011

2 weeks to go !!!! Can't wait

H&J - West mids

Aug 21, 2011

4 weeks 2 go before i go on hollday

owen lawrence - walsall west midlands

Aug 21, 2011

4 weeks 2 go can't wait!! really excited now :)

Emma Lawrence - Walsall, UK

Aug 20, 2011

This is our 5th season at Leadstone Camping and because we love it so much we have booked until 2013. Its so quiet, relaxed and friendly but with lots going on around - its just perfect. Would love to retire here!

Lain, Steve & Dan - The Potteries

Aug 13, 2011

going next month can't wait

owen lawrence - walsall west midlands

Aug 09, 2011

cant wait till 13 aug. our 3rd year since having the dog,its a great place. we all love it.

alison stanton - Bromsgrove

Aug 07, 2011

Will be down on the 22nd of october, should be a good laugh :)

Lisa & Chris - Birmingham,uk

Aug 02, 2011

just found out that im coming down 19 september!!! cant wait.

alison - leeds

Jul 29, 2011

Dawlish Warren rockz. Expecially love the Boathouse Tavern and Grill :) x

Emma Chilton - Sheffield South Yorkshire

Jul 25, 2011

came to dawlish warren in 2009 and loved it. returning this year in august and cant wait!!

kerry hawker - willenhall west midlands

Jul 22, 2011

Came down to the 'Warren' the 1st 2 weeks in June (2011), and we were let down by the horrendous weather for the very FIRST time visiting Dawlish for over 25 years. The local shops and businesses were suffering, and we hope they will survive this spate of really poor Summer weather. Red Rock Apartments were immaculate again, and comfortable with full central heating. We spoke to quite a few holiday makers that were staying in caravan's and were planning to cut short their holidays due to the cold & rainy weather. We will be hoping for much better weather next year.

Alan Sinclair - Northumberland

Jul 22, 2011

Just packing now soon be on our way to lady,s mile for two weeks of fun, cant wait, Dawlish is so special.

Rachael, Bri. Ellie & Chloe, - penrith

Jul 22, 2011

fantastic place cant fault it in anyway

GRAHAM LAWRENCE - walsall west midlands

Jul 06, 2011

Will be visiting beautiful Dawlish Warren with my children and family in September, love Dawlish Warren been going since I was a child, can't wait :)

Emma Lawrence - Walsall, UK

Jul 05, 2011

Love the place, visiting for our holidays in July for the 4th year running, can't wait to be back.

Rachael, Bri. Ellie & Chloe - Penrith

Jul 03, 2011

just had a week at the welcome holiday park entertainment brilliant caravan greatwe will be booking a fortnights holiday next year cant wait

graham trinder - swindon

Jul 01, 2011

4th time back tomorrow July 2nd. Love Dawlish Warren and the Welcome site.

Sazza Johnson - Heanor, Derbyshire

Jul 01, 2011

Spent our 8th year holidaying in Dawlish Warren at Whitsun, our first visit eight years ago saw just 4 of us on holiday, this year there was 17 of us. We can't wait to come back and next time we are trying for 20.

Craig and Tina and Family - Walsall, West Midlands

Jun 29, 2011

We love dawlish Warren so much we have brought a holiday home on Welcome Holiday Park.

Lisa gledhill - worcestershire

Jun 19, 2011

My wife and I married on the beautiful beach at Dawlish Warren and we come to visit every year on our anniversary, a truly special place

Mr Darcy - Laverton

Jun 14, 2011

we have been coming to dawlish warren for thirty two years and now are children bring there children smashing place and i do so wish the little shops were there instead of the big shop it was much better added too atmosphere

r nicholls - staffs

Jun 14, 2011

Had our usual brilliant time at Dawlish,weather was super and Dawlish looked as good as ever,baby black swans just super to look at and our stay at Welcome park was as ever just great hope to go back again soon

Mick&Lynn - Chesterfield

Jun 14, 2011

brill place to go on holiday going this year in September cant wait gonna be good

David Lawrence - walsall uk

Jun 12, 2011

Had another brilliant time at Welcome holiday park,stayed five days May 9th to 13th great weather stayed in a Casafina superb accomodation as always nice and clean park once again looking superb.Dawlish as ever nice and friendly all you could wish for.

Mick&Lynn - worksop

Jun 08, 2011

Our Family Loves Dawlish Warren. We have visited many times over the years and will continue to do so for many more to come. Quiet, comfortable and relaxing. Is the best way of describing this little piece of Devon Heaven.

Julian Guy - Cwmbran South Wales.

Jun 05, 2011

Cant wait to come back in oct. will have a great time at the welcome best park around xx lovely area x

Elaine Sudsbury - Cornwall

Jun 03, 2011

i am there now or actually when this comment comes on i will be there from 28th may till the next saturday

john cena rules - midlands

May 27, 2011

only a few wks till im on holiday im so looking forward to it so are rest of family going to be fab at golden sands icecreams candyfloss meals at the boathouse donkeys rides woooohooo :-)

lisa - somerset

May 24, 2011

I wish the council would come to their senses and allow all the old stalls back as they used to be along that now barren piece of green, it was well worth a nose amongst them and brought character to the warren, the "big shop" is just not the same and I feel a lot of people stopped going when the were so callously removed.

David Edwards - Aberdare South Wales,

May 22, 2011

I love Dawlish Warren 7 or 6 days till i go there got into the welcomesite and hopefully i wont be ill

Jal and family - west midlands

May 21, 2011

Just had a good holiday at Dawlish warren at the Welcome Family holiday park, Entertainment team are great.

Karen - Dorset

May 20, 2011

Well done on getting the Blue Flag for the 13th time..... :)

christune - west midlands

May 11, 2011

I realy like dawlish warren welcome site and going on may the 28th. good site nice staff well located. like going to dartmoore to find the black panfa.

Jamie - West Midlands

May 10, 2011

Lovely place and is like paradise nice staff,excellant accomidation, cool football pitch, and nice swimming pool i would give it 5 out of 5

Billy Bob Jones - Post office lane

May 09, 2011

I love dawlish warren and it is one of my all time classic holiday places ever. coming in may the 28th to the Dawlish Warren welcome site

Jamie Lee - Worcester, uk

May 09, 2011

We have just had another great holiday at the WELCOME FAMILY HOLIDAY PARK.Weather was OK.Entertainment Brilliant.

Jarrett family - Dover

Apr 30, 2011

we have been coming to dawlish warren every year from 1990,still a wonderful family place to go ,top marks !!!

jane - essex

Apr 12, 2011

I went there for a school trip and it was well fun and even though the amusements were closed we could still go in the caves on redrock beach!

Nannaaa - England :L

Mar 31, 2011

We have been visiting Dawlish Warren for 25 years!! The last 2 years we have stayed at RedRock Apartments - simply WONDERFUL. Loads of activities, especially if you enjoy walking - around the Nature Reserve, along the Sea Wall to Dawlish, or just along the promenade. Can't wait until June for this years 'Jolly'.

Alan Sinclair - Northumberland

Mar 30, 2011

loveing the new web site will be down in about 12 wks so need my holiday

lisa - radstock

Mar 29, 2011

we have booked for disney world USA and had not intended to come to dawlish this year but we will be back in 32 days we just could not go a year with out coming back

kate newman - blackpool

Mar 25, 2011

Can't wait until September for my holiday at Hazelwood Park - I think its about out 28th year in total - fantastic place...

Lyn Ireland - Leatherhead, Surrey

Mar 21, 2011

The new site is very good, much prefer the close view of the warren green, looks lovely.

David Edwards - Aberdare South Wales,

Mar 20, 2011

i've been visitng Dawlish Warren for over 20 years. We love this place and are looking forward to returning this summer. The history of the spit is fascinating.

Shirley Drummond - Central Scotland

Mar 20, 2011

We had a superb 2weeks in July 2010 with all our family,we had a Casita and two caravans at Welcome holiday park.Had a superb time and going back again next year

Mick&Lynn - Chesterfield

Mar 20, 2011

Loving the new web page.... We have a caravan (seasonal) in dawlish and just love the place and cant wait to get down there....And there's plenty of places round about to see and visit.10

christine hughes - west midlands

Mar 17, 2011

looking forward to coming back this summer, new webcam is looking good

brian - nottingham

Mar 16, 2011

We Love the scenary people and excitment beaches and the Welcome Park Casida Villas are perfection 15 years we have been coming and its Great 10/10

David Maddocks & Family - Wolverhampton Midlands

Mar 15, 2011

Love the new web cam, much sharper frames

Paul B - Crawley Sussex

Mar 15, 2011

I love Dawlish Warren

Mark Walker - Chudleigh

Jan 26, 2011

Just had a brilliant time in welcome family park cant wait 2 go back next year entertainment brill luv Dawlish Warren

Awhyte - Mid Wales

Aug 06, 2010

Just had brilliant holiday at golden sands have rebooked for next year site and staff are brill

Lisa - Radstock

Jul 03, 2010

Absolutley fantastic , I will go there for years to come.

Jack - Birmingham

Jun 30, 2010

Just come back from another fantastic week in Dawlish Warren. We stayed on Oakcliffe Holiday Park wich is very relaxing with great views the whole family love it. Looking forward to going back next year.

Diane - Manchester

Jun 05, 2010